The Grand Canyon Mishap


It was day 4 of our 12 state road trip I believe, We had just left Denver and drove straight to Arizona to see the famous Grand Canyon. Brandon and I drove a little faster than our other two friends so we made good time and decided to stop at the Horseshoe Bend, We explored there for a while took some photos and were on our way to meet up with Jake and Nick, the slow pokes in hopes to take a tour through the Antelope Canyon. However it had closed so we decided to head straight to the Grand Canyon we get their and its PITCH BLACK and we know nothing about what we do where we go so we were just winging it at this point. We drive in after 20 minutes of discussing whether to enter or not, we walked around I took some pictures of the stars and we decided to set up the trailer and stay over night. Well, little to our knowledge that was a not going to work out because it turns out that is prohibited and they had a security guard to enforce that, so we gathered up our belongings and hit the road to find some food and a place to sleep for the night and then hit the Grand Canyon bright and early!

or so we thought…

We end up stopping at a little gas station with a small convenience store inside in Lupton AZ. Were in there for a little over 10 minutes I head back to the car which is parked directly beside the door of the shop! Brandon and I are sitting in the car waiting for Jake and Nick who were discussing the possibility of sleeping in the parking lot to the store clerk, who later we find out said yea no problem go ahead! Well, they were taking a little over an eternity so Brandon heads back in the store to see what’s going on, At this point I am alone in the car feet out the window eating the gas station chicken nuggets when out from around the back of the building a masked man comes creeping up towards the door. My stomach drops, he looks right at me at this point I am jumping to the drivers seat from the passenger seat he has a gun in his hand (or so I thought) as I keep looking he swings out a TWO FOOT MACHETE and enters the gas station. I am looking for the keys that of course my friend has with him inside, so my dumbass gets out of the perfectly safe car and goes to get my friends as I exit the vehicle they come running out in a panic with the store clerk and we fire up both our vehicles and take off. Now everyone was fine nobody got hurt I don’t even think he got any money, but I sure as hell didn’t get to eat my chicken nuggets so thats a bummer.

It took a solid 15 minutes of us driving repeatedly saying “what the actual f$#k” before it kicked in what had actually happened. In my head I thought my friends were about to become a part of real life fruit ninja and I was going to have to go in and retrieve the keys from my friends pockets (that would have been awkward). So about 20 minutes after driving away we see a police car with someone pulled over we waved him down to inform him (snitches I know) we give him the run down and he says nobody had even called in it so at this point I’m like oh boy the clerk didn’t make it passed the ninja. So we exchanged numbers and ID and then went on our way, far, far away from the Grand Canyon. The next day we arrived in Vegas and that star photo above is the only photo I took at the Grand Canyon, I will see it one day, and I will not get gas prior.